Hand One Is Dealt Update

Hey everybody! I just wanted to do a quick update on Hand One Is Dealt. For starters, this coming May 25th is the five year anniversary of when I published it! YAY!

Also, the price has dropped! While the ebook is still $1.99, the paperback is down two dollars to $5.99! I think you can get it for free on ebook if you’re an Amazon Prime member. I’m sure everyone who has ever wanted a copy has already got one, but if by chance you haven’t picked one up yet and you’re interested to read my early work and see just how far I’ve come, now is a great time to get it!

Click here to get it from Amazon!

13 Stories Til Halloween 2016

If you’d like to read another creepy short story by yours truly, head on over to 13 Stories Til Halloween and check it out, it’s today’s story! And while you’re there, read up on the other stories that have posted so far, and check back every day for the other stories, leading up to Halloween!


Five-year-old Phillip Anderson sat in the passenger seat of his mother’s minivan playing with action figures while she ran into the store to pick up a few things for dinner. She had locked the car and left it running with the air going to keep him comfortable. He played quietly with his figures, completely content.

Phillip’s action figures were in the throes of battle. One would body slam the other, while the other would suplex him back. His mother said he watched too much pro wrestling. His dad said the opposite.

In the middle of battle, Phillip stopped playing and looked up. An elderly woman had walked out of the market pushing her cart. Her goods were bagged up neatly, while in the child’s seat was a perfectly plump watermelon.

Phillip felt pressure in his head, not one that hurt, but one that took his attention from everything around him and placed it directly on the watermelon. He stared at it, his breathing slowed, yet his heart beat faster. His eyes watered for a moment, all sound left his ears. Then BOOM, the watermelon exploded all over the elderly woman, who stumbled backwards, nearly fell, and shrieked.


13 Stories ’16

13 Stories Til Halloween is coming up, and I’ve been asked back to write for them again this year! I’m extremely happy about that! Mostly because it means Fall and Halloween are right around the corner!

Are you ready for it?

Is There Anybody Out There?

I’ve been listening to an exceptional amount of Pink Floyd lately, which says a lot, because I always listen to Floyd.

I just noticed my last post was Halloween of last year. Wow. Well, I went for most of this year so far with no computer. Therefore, I did no internet or writing.

Most of the time my head swam with my stories and ideas for them. That sucked. I mean, it was good to have them growing rather than staying stagnant. But to not be able to write them down sucked. I always have people tell me to write it down on paper. I can’t do that. My mind operates too fast for that.

So now that I have a new computer, I’ve been going online here and there, but I’ve been doing some writing. And things are looking pretty good. I hope to have a better update soon about one of the stories I’ve been working on. However, this update was mostly just to knock some of the dust and cobwebs off of the place.

I hope y’all are having a fantastic year so far!

Happy Halloween!

I love Halloween! Who doesn’t? It’s the greatest time of year, in the best time of year, FALL! Whoever planned this out did a great job. I’d love to shake their hand. And when I do, it better pull off and freak me out! That’s how I envision that going down.

Anyway, what’s your favorite part of Halloween? Or your favorite memory? What was your best costume? Tell me!



Chinese Ash Toad

“Dude, every inch of this place is crawling.”

“Believe me, there is plenty more space for aquariums, and I plan to fill them.”

Gary walked around the living room of the two-bedroom apartment that Ryan lived in, looking in aquarium after aquarium. Most of them had lights on, keeping what was inside of them warm. Ryan dropped food into one on the other end of the room and shut the lid on it.

“Nice corn snake!” Gary said, tapping the glass with a finger, which didn’t startle the snake in the slightest.

“Hey, ever heard of ‘don’t tap on the glass’?”

“Yeah yeah.”

Gary moved to the next one and saw a leopard gecko.

“Man, that thing is neat. I’ve always wanted one of those.”

Ryan walked up beside him and looked into the aquarium.

“Yeah, he’s cool. He was actually my first one. The collection grew after that. Want anything to drink?”

“Sure,” Gary said without looking up from the aquarium.

Ryan went into the kitchen, leaving Gary to stare at the mini zoo in his living room.

“There are more in the spare bedroom. As much as I’d like to get more, I can’t afford to right now because…”

He broke off when he turned from the fridge and didn’t see Gary.

“Hey, where are you?”

“Looking at this frog…”

Ryan rushed into the living room and saw Gary standing in front of the newest addition with a finger moving towards the glass.

“Don’t touch that, please. You can tap on every other aquarium all you want, just don’t touch that one.”

Gary looked up.

“What’s up with this one?”
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Halloween Story!

I think I finally got my Halloween story for this year all polished up and ready to go! It only took me almost all year! What can I say, I’ve been slacking. So with that in mind, keep a look out here in the next couple of days for that to post! Also make sure to keep checking out 13 Stories Til Halloween every day until Halloween for a new creepy treat each day!

13 Stories – Trick Or Treat

This year’s 13 Stories Til Halloween has started with a beautiful new website and a devious tale of trick or treating! Have that talk with your kids, parents!


Trick Or Treat by Jamie Lee Scott
The porch creaked as the woman stepped outside to be sure there were plenty of spiders hanging from the cobwebs near the light. And the screen door groaned as her friend stepped out to put the fake jack-o-lantern in the corner, then went back inside.

“You know, parents aren’t going to let their kids eat this stuff?” The friend, dressed as Medusa, hefted a bowl of homemade rice crispy treats in the shape of pumpkins, dyed with orange food coloring, and wrapped in plastic wrap, onto a table in the entry.

“Oh, please, I’ll bet half of the kids eat them before they even get home.” She stepped back into the house, leaving the main door open, letting the screen door slam behind her. She adjusted her witch’s hat, and tugged down her shirt, to show a little cleavage for the boys who should’ve stopped trick or treating years ago. It’d be her real treat to them.

Inside, the foyer had been encased with black fabric, painted with a scene from a graveyard. The two ladies sat in rocking chairs, waiting.

“Still, Lexi, I don’t think it’s right,” Medusa said, as she rocked back and forth.

Lexi practiced her witch cackle as a response. She stood when she heard the voices and laughter of children in the distance.

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A New Poem – The Butterfly Trick

In my life I have written maybe a dozen poems. I’m not much for them, and think that honestly a majority of them are rubbish. Not in the sense that they don’t mean something, because I’m sure to the author they mean a lot. At least I hope they do. And that’s what matters. Somewhere, to someone, they may also connect, and that is also important.

But to me they don’t connect, usually. They’re just a lazy splaying of words that rhyme, and that isn’t a poem to me. Or at the very least it is, but only the shell of one. It lacks the heart and depth and maybe even the creativity of a good one.

There are a couple of people I know personally who write amazing poetry. Shay Leigh, for one, who has two books out with her poetry in them, and I strongly suggest you check them out. Even if you’re like me and not much of a fan of poetry. I wrote reviews on those books here and here. Another is Orb The First. He doesn’t write often (that I know of), but he has a a great talent for writing some deep stuff. I just looked for his site to link to it and it appears he has taken it down. I’ll have to ask him why later.
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My story Watching Them Change has reached 4th place out of well over 120 stories in the Shiver contest at Inkitt! There’s still tons of time left, so if you haven’t yet, head over to Inkitt, read the story, and give me a vote! And make sure to tell everyone you know to do the same! Thanks everyone, I appreciate it!!!