Is There Anybody Out There?

I’ve been listening to an exceptional amount of Pink Floyd lately, which says a lot, because I always listen to Floyd.

I just noticed my last post was Halloween of last year. Wow. Well, I went for most of this year so far with no computer. Therefore, I did no internet or writing.

Most of the time my head swam with my stories and ideas for them. That sucked. I mean, it was good to have them growing rather than staying stagnant. But to not be able to write them down sucked. I always have people tell me to write it down on paper. I can’t do that. My mind operates too fast for that.

So now that I have a new computer, I’ve been going online here and there, but I’ve been doing some writing. And things are looking pretty good. I hope to have a better update soon about one of the stories I’ve been working on. However, this update was mostly just to knock some of the dust and cobwebs off of the place.

I hope y’all are having a fantastic year so far!


2 responses to “Is There Anybody Out There?

  1. Yay Matt. Welcome back. I’ve missed you.


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