13 Stories Til Halloween 2016

If you’d like to read another creepy short story by yours truly, head on over to 13 Stories Til Halloween and check it out, it’s today’s story! And while you’re there, read up on the other stories that have posted so far, and check back every day for the other stories, leading up to Halloween!


Five-year-old Phillip Anderson sat in the passenger seat of his mother’s minivan playing with action figures while she ran into the store to pick up a few things for dinner. She had locked the car and left it running with the air going to keep him comfortable. He played quietly with his figures, completely content.

Phillip’s action figures were in the throes of battle. One would body slam the other, while the other would suplex him back. His mother said he watched too much pro wrestling. His dad said the opposite.

In the middle of battle, Phillip stopped playing and looked up. An elderly woman had walked out of the market pushing her cart. Her goods were bagged up neatly, while in the child’s seat was a perfectly plump watermelon.

Phillip felt pressure in his head, not one that hurt, but one that took his attention from everything around him and placed it directly on the watermelon. He stared at it, his breathing slowed, yet his heart beat faster. His eyes watered for a moment, all sound left his ears. Then BOOM, the watermelon exploded all over the elderly woman, who stumbled backwards, nearly fell, and shrieked.



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